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Flavours of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a concept which organizations across the globe are interested in. Productivity and transparency are the low hanging fruits that can be expected from Industry ...

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Webinar: Accelerating the journey towards REACH/ROHS compliance through BPO partnerships

View the recording of this recent webinar around the very latest solutions that can help optimize the cost and effort involved in managing the regulatory compliance journey of suppliers.


Philips leverages outsourcing partnerships with Infosys to simplify regulatory compliance

Jan-Willem Scheijgrond, Senior Director of Environment, Health and Safety at Philips, discusses how the Philips-Infosys outsourcing partnership has greatly simplified the regulatory compliance journey.

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Feeling the pressure to remain compliant in an increasingly regulated world of business?

Dr. Georg Niedermeier, Head of Product-related Environmental Protection at OSRAM AG, discusses OSRAM's regulatory compliance journey and how Infosys BPM contributed to it.

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Rio Tinto: a procurement transformation success story

In a webinar hosted by The Hackett Group, Peter McNamara, General Manager - Project Procurement and Development, Rio Tinto Procurement, discusses the value realized from a procurement transformation by Infosys BPM.


Infosys BPM, a catalyst for Philips' growth in Latin America

The Infosys BPM Belo Horizonte Delivery Center becomes a change agent as Philips prepares for rapid growth in Latin America.


'Order management needs a holistic approach for compelling value'

Infosys BPM expert discusses how the Sales and Fulfillment practice enhances efficiency and increases revenue with an integrated approach to processes across the supply chain.

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Redesign sourcing for procurement transformation

A sourcing structure aligned with business needs improves performance across the supply chain, according to Infosys' expert.

Published with permission of Sourcing Interests Group (SIG)


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