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Infosys BPM Digital Business Services Offerings

The Digital Business Services practice at Infosys BPM provides a wide range of services across multiple languages and technologies. Our services include content management, digital commerce, search engine marketing/optimization, website analytics, campaign management, social media listening, advertisement operations, and much more.

The bottom line is that our services are tool agnostic and ensure seamless and effective process integration and migration. What’s more, we customize our wide range of service offerings to suit every unique requirement.

The following lists some of our key products that give us the competitive advantage:

  1. A worldwide delivery model called Global Digital Delivery Model (GDDM) that ensures our solutions have unlimited scale and global reach
  2. Point solutions to automate PPC campaigns, Content management, reporting et
  3. A cloud-based digital platform called BrandEdge

At our Digital Center of Excellence, we constantly enhance domain capabilities and expertise in processes and technologies. This has led to partnerships that elevate expertise.

Infosys BPM Digital Business Services OfferingsClick the image to view Infosys BPM Digital Business Services Offerings

Design – Content Management
Content is the first marketing tool that is always ‘ON’ for the users to understand the product and service. This offering includes content creation (creatives, content writing), content maintenance (refresh, remove IP violations, etc.), content localization and website development. Our services in this space span across Web, Enterprise, Technical writing and Print & production support.

Engage – Digital Marketing
Products and Services needs to be promoted through various channels and tracked for performance. The channels include Search campaigns (PPC and SEO), Web Campaigns, CRM campaigns and Social campaigns (Paid Social). We have a rich experience of managing campaigns across omnichannel to meet dynamic and challenging business scenarios. Our focus area in Social is to provide end-to-end social media management for businesses across industry verticals with a wide range of solutions from consulting, to operations framework, to analytics, and technical solutions.


Optimize – Digital Insights
It is important to build on the experience and elevate it by ensuring relevant actionable content is available for the customer. This can be done by having the understanding to track, monitor and optimize the right parameters. We work with our clients to build analytical models and ensure seamless feedback mechanism.

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