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The future of financial planning and analysis (FP&A): Robotized and digital

The role of FP&A professionals during the first two weeks of the month entails rushing for month closure, gathering data sets, reports, and scrutinizing, processing and analyzing data in ...


Enhancing the Effectiveness of Rolling Forecast

An effective rolling forecast is important to estimate long term financial plans. Every organization undertakes this process as a finance activity. However, when the forecasted data is examined on its effectiveness ...


Finance of the Future: Driving Business Results Through a FAO model

In an unprecedented era of uncertainty and disruption, the office of the CFO is under significant pressure to be more efficient, agile, integrated, and business aligned. This Everest Group research report presents new ...

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Driving excellence together: Integrating the accounts payable and procurement functions

The accounts payable (AP) and procurement functions are two sides of the same coin. What can make these functions deliver outstanding results is ...


Overcoming economic turbulence in APAC via 3-in-1 outsourcing

Two strikingly contrasting trends — a decelerating economic landscape and an explosion of new age technological solutions — are challenging finance leaders of the Asia Pacific region ...


Brexit, blockchain, cognitive computing, and Uber- How will they redefine the CFO’s life?

Brexit, blockchain, cognitive computing, and Uber. These seemingly unrelated concepts, representing events, ideas, and business models- have already set ...


Finance Function for the Digital Enterprise – Traversing the digital divide

There is a huge digital divide between yesteryear’s large enterprises and the “digital-native enterprises”. Back office enterprise functions have not been evolving ...


Accounts Payable Automation – Raising the bet

Automation continues to be a focus area for a finance manager to bring down the operational cost. However the challenge is gauging the return on investment (ROI) to automate finance function. This paper ...


More cash, less cost: Next-generation procure-to-pay

Currently, procure-to-pay processes (P2P) have developed significantly by using lean methodologies, Six Sigma techniques, automation, and robotics. In addition, P2P operations have leveraged shared services ...


The right partner matters - thinking beyond outsourcing

CFO needs and challenges are much more complex today. Many CFOs are turning to BPO providers to drive ...


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