White Papers

Simplifying procurement in the pharmaceutical marketplace

Increased regulatory demands and growing pricing scrutiny have pushed the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry to explore options to reduce their cost base and simplify overall business operations. Hence, the concept of outsourcing ...


Augmentative outsourcing: The new manufacturing normal

As manufacturing industry evolves, the distinction between core and non-core is increasingly getting blurred. So much so that manufacturing organizations are...


Trends shaping engineering specification management of tomorrow

Manufacturers are rolling out new and improved products at an ever increasing pace to maintain market share and augment their bottom line. This paper sheds light...


Supplier traceability and material declaration trends in the solutions provider landscape

At a time when organizations are coming under increasing scrutiny by regulatory authorities and other stakeholders, a thought leader at Infosys Sustainability Consulting practice examines...


Procurement Outsourcing - Trends, Challenges, Benefits and a Road Map for Implementation

Procurement outsourcing is gaining importance due to its ability to impact operations across an organization. Infosys' experts discuss the trends in procurement outsourcing, the functions within procurement that lend themselves to the global delivery model, and...


Why Business Process Outsourcing will Grow in Europe

Europe is an emerging market for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), says Michel de Zeeuw, Vice President and Executive Client Partner and Member of Infosys BPM Executive Committee. He believes that companies in Europe...


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