Enhance your telecom operations with heightened agility and competitiveness through our cutting-edge BPM solutions. At Infosys BPM, we're excited to introduce our expansive suite of business process management solutions focused on the communication sector, designed to redefine industry standards and empower your organization.

By harnessing this strategic blend of our workflows, you can bring complete revenue assurance, extend your customer experience capabilities to guarantee customer delight, and elevate your service performance.

This is an end-to-end revenue assurance workflow between your customers and service staff, including salespeople. This workflow allows your staff to generate new sales and take advantage of upselling opportunities. The workflow for L2C begins at campaign management and through multiple phases culminates at payment/collections.

This is a bundle of workflows aimed at ensuring health of your services as well as the network. The workflows can be reactive (triggered by customers) as well as proactive (initiated by your staff). Bundled workflows in T2R include fiber/cable protection; customer support; equipment installation and support; remote diagnostics for fault repair; network operations; service assurance; and field engineer deployment.

Use this bundle of workflows to run more efficient operations. The workflows include revenue assurance, such as interconnect billing settlement; roaming settlement; access circuit pricing analytics; circuit inventory management; network access cost management; customer credit management; consumer and enterprise billing support; fraud detection and prevention; billing dispute resolution; tariff management; and exception management.

This workflow includes service configuration and rollout support; partner scanning and onboarding; customer acquisition; general queries management; voice-of-customer analytics; supply chain mapping; and churn analytics.

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