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Service Offerings

CPG Solutions:
Context solutions | Supply chain solutions | Customer-centric solutions | Analytics solutions

CPG Analytics Offerings

  • Research and planning - Industry analysis, competitor analysis, and financial planning and analysis
  • Channel, supply chain and merchandising analytics - Customer, market and product analysis; brand and category analysis; demand forecasting and inventory analysis; and price and promotion analysis
  • Consumer analytics - Consumer behavior modeling, consumer panel data analysis, consumer segmentation, and market basket analysis
  • Reporting - Brand reporting, key account reporting and service expansion

The reporting and automation features and data analysis for strategy development are based on:
  • Consumer behavior
  • Channel analytics
  • Supply chain
  • Merchandising

The Infosys BPM Knowledge Services team provides insights and futuristic, profitable business models for CPG companies. Our offerings include consumer behavior modeling; promotion effectiveness modeling; industry and competitive research; customer, market and product analysis; brand metric analysis; geographical, channel and SKU sales trends and analysis; and customer sales trends analysis.

  • Identifies opportunities for additional business value
  • Helps take informed decisions
  • Provides a snapshot of operations with end-to-end reporting services

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