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Retail Solutions:
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Retail Analytics Offerings

Infosys BPM offers a wide range of analytical service offerings for the retail value chain:
  • Research – Industry analysis and competitor analysis
  • Store sales analysis – Store revenue and profitability analysis, store promotions analysis and in-store intervention analysis
  • Product analysis – SKU performance, new product performance and promotion effectiveness
  • Customer analysis – Customer spend analysis, market basket analysis and credit risk analysis

The reporting and automation feature and data analysis for strategy development are based on:
  • Shopper analytics
  • Store operations
  • Merchandising and buying
  • Marketing
  • Online channels
  • Retail private label credit programs

The Infosys BPM Knowledge Services team provides deep insights and futuristic, profitable business models such as Store Sales Model (store revenue and profitability analysis, localized promotion planning and store claims analysis), Customer Analysis Model (customer spend analysis, market basket analysis and credit risk analysis) and Promotion Effectiveness Modeling.

  • Identifies opportunities for additional business value
  • Helps businesses take informed decisions
  • Provides a snapshot of operations through end-to-end reporting services

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