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Finance and Accounting
The retail industry needs to streamline its finance and accounting processes to address challenges such as market saturation, intense competition, high customer expectations, sub-optimal operations, non-standard processes, reliance on manpower, lack of a single version of truth, and disparate systems.

Infosys' solution enables consolidation and standardization of operations. Our flexible and scalable operating model enhances process efficiency, frees up cash locked in systems and drives synergies between process and technology cost-effectively.


Human Resources
Retailers must focus on lean inventories and store solutions, lower payroll and implement strategies to improve cash flow. People are the driving force behind all transactions in retail outlets to achieve these objectives. Hence it is imperative for retailers to adopt a proactive approach to Human Resource Management (HRM).

Infosys combines end-to-end HRM capabilities with a wide range of solutions in the hire-to-retire cycle to help retailers achieve their HR goals.


The decentralized processes of retailers result in insufficient spend visibility, analysis and higher maverick spend, leading to revenue leakage, vendor conflicts, higher expenses, and lack of operational and business metrics.

Infosys' Source-to-Pay solution designs customized, standard and centralized procurement processes that ensure compliance and monitor spend management. Our solution improves visibility, enhances processes and ensures sustainable sourcing.


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