Cloud and Telecom Spend Management System (CTSMS) is one of our unique offerings that allows customers to outsource their cloud and telecom spend management in a managed services model. The system aims at overcoming key challenges such as limited visibility into various spends; complex and multifaceted cloud pricing; labor intensiveness; vendor errors; and challenging inventory management.

Cloud and Telecom Spend Management System

CTSMS Service Offerings

CTSMS Service Offerings

CTSMS Approach

Our CTSMS solution automates and simplifies invoice processing, order management, and procure-to-pay. This way, we stop vendor overcharging and help detect 100% of billing errors. Our platform-agnostic CTSMS solution provides clear visibility into your spend data and helps make sense of it by leveraging big data analytics.


CTSMS: Key Advantages

CTSMS provides you with a single source of truth for your entire network. Here are some key advantages of the solution.

  • Improved business performance: Optimized spending and improvements across budgeting, vendor management, and cost optimization
  • Better operational efficiency: Accurate and timely payments and reduced complexity in spend management
  • Improved financial management: Reduced billing errors, accurate cost allocation, reduced late payments, and fast resolution of billing disputes
  • Automation: Across order management, invoice processing, contract validation, cost allocation, and procure-to-pay (P2P)

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