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Infosys BPM Sales and Fulfillment Offerings

The Infosys BPM Sales and Fulfillment practice provides a range of solutions and services that impact your top line through sales support processes. These processes accelerate revenue enhancement and cost containment by controlling cost of goods sold (COGS) in the fulfillment and supply chain side of business. More importantly, this service allows you to leverage outsourcing to impact key revenue metrics such as revenue enhancement, revenue assurance, and revenue recognition.

Challenges in sales and fulfillment Infosys approachBenefits

Disparate and non-standard processes

Exceptions driven by people and legacy systems vs. business rationale

Disparate technology systems and lack of information tracking

Lack of focus on business metrics

Standardization of processes and development of a global process backbone providing an end-to-end solution

Integrated delivery across process and technology

Scanning and workflow solutions to enable better process flow at offshore location

Business-metric-driven solution vs. process metrics

Benchmarking-based approach to measure efficacy of inter- and intra-industry standards in order processing and order management

Focus on continuous improvement and operational efficiency

Improved productivity

Ensured savings through labor arbitrage

Enhanced revenue

Improved process efficiency

Adequate governance and visibility

Reduced day sales outstanding and data backup operations

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