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Streamlining change – sales and fulfillment

Change seems to be the key word in the way organizations have been viewing the sales and fulfillment (S&F) process. From just meeting sales goals, enterprises are now aiming at long-term, ...


SOX controls – driving transformation of the order-to-cash value chain

From being a tool that required significant investment on the part of enterprises, there is now a definite ROI in implementing effective Sarbanes–Oxley (SOX) controls. Enterprises can now move to higher...


The supply chain management BPO ecosystem: strategies to develop successful SCM BPO operations

Outsourcing of production and logistics has become a firmly established model for growth and cost-competitiveness in global markets. In this scenario, supply chain management (SCM) BPO is emerging...


'Order management needs a holistic approach for compelling value'

Infosys BPM expert discusses how the Sales and Fulfillment practice enhances efficiency and increases revenue with an integrated approach to processes across the supply chain.

Published with permission of Shared Services & Outsourcing Network


Infosys Partners with P&G to Transform Shared Service Center

Infosys helped P&G’s Singapore Customer Service Center to transform its order-to-cash operations by automating several operations. This enabled P&G to refocus its expertise on customer service. In an interview with Shared...

Published with permission of SSON


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