Service Offerings

Infosys BPM Sales and Fulfillment Offerings

Our suite of tools and enablers enhance process efficiency and reliability through business metrics that support your core sales and fulfillment processes. For instance, we rely on metrics such as sales force productivity, working capital efficacy, revenue assurance, customer satisfaction, and operational metrics (including order turnaround time, yield and accuracy) to measure effectiveness.

Range of Services

We offer solutions across the entire sales and fulfillment cycle. Click the following for more about our products and services.

Infosys BPM's Business Sales & Fulfillment Services 

Our sales support offering helps enhance sales force effectiveness and productivity to ensure optimal use of sales staff and aid revenue enhancement. Our fulfillment operations support backs your core supply chain function, both forward and reverse logistics, to minimize investment in working capital, enhance customer satisfaction, and minimize revenue leakage, thereby reducing COGS.

Why Infosys

  • Access to specialist capabilities and faster stabilization of operations
  • Unique approach to process transformation using process progression model (PPM)
  • Deployment of surrounding tools and solutions
  • Time guaranteed transition
  • Access to global footprint and service line credentials to support further expansion
  • Committed efficiency gains