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The advent of digital media has changed the way we do business. It has altered the dynamics of the business environment – consumers, providers, and the way they interact with one another. In a world where customers are flooded with options, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to take that critical decision – to buy or not to buy. This is why we believe brand experience is key. And that is what we deliver – an experience unique to our brand and motivation for our customers.

Focus areas

Digital media has brought about a set of unique challenges and opportunities for businesses. A provider today struggles with the volatility of the digital marketplace. Dramatically shorter product / services life cycles, tremendous time-to-market pressure, and trying to identify, attract and engage consumers into meaningful conversations are things that marketers are trying to catch up to.

This is where we step in. Infosys suite of digital services can help you provide a more relevant consumer experience and find the means to influence consumer decisions. The breadth of our services include – SEO, SEM, content management, social media management, catalogue management and ecommerce support, as well as ad operations. Our approach to business is guided by our commitment to delivering excellence and value to your enterprise, at all times.

Range of Services
Our dedicated team of experts collaborate with you to provide these specialized offerings:

SEO and SEMKeyword research and analysis, competitive research and analysis audience profiling, targeting, sales and account management support
Content management Content creation, modification, review and moderation, primary and secondary research, compliance editing, content localization, conversion, content discoverability and user analytics, web content management (technical – metadata, cataloguing, HTML tagging, landing page URLs, etc.)
Social media management Social media monitoring, intervention, brand monitoring and analysis, user segmentation and profiling, web presence management, traffic monitoring and demand analysis, user engagement
Catalog management and e-commerce support Product marketing management, catalog (digital) management, web page management, SEO/SEM, content writing, creative testing, consumer analytics, brand monitoring, campaign management
Advertisement operations Campaign management, order entry and confirmation, creative testing, ad trafficking, user segmentation and targeting, mid-and end-campaign reporting, analytics and optimization, inventory management, account management and sales support

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