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Today, companies provide optimized services to enhance the value proposition of a product. However, realizing the promise of service revenue and profitability remains elusive for most. Managing service revenue from a service contract perspective can be surprisingly costly, and at times complex when considering the full service lifecycle of a customer-owned product. We collaborate with you to ensure your customers’ service entitlements are accurately recorded and invoiced.

Focus areas
At Infosys BPM, we adopt a comprehensive approach to assist our customers in developing capabilities needed to improve the management of service revenues. The following provides instances of how our team addresses industry challenges:

ChallengesOur Solution
Costly and incompatible contract administration processes that fail to accurately record new service contractsWe provide leading best practices that are supported by a dedicated cost-effective team. They leverage technology to accurately capture sales, shipment, and installation information to record new service agreements.
Failure to capture contracts that are due to be renewedWe integrate our solution with your sales and field service. This helps us identify contracts scheduled for renewal and generate the appropriate quotes against installed base information using master agreements.
Capturing installed base changes that can influence contract value and delay the contract renewal processWe leverage technology to identify installed base changes based on customer shipments, field service activity, and other relevant sources to employ a closed-loop process to administer customer entitlements and update to service contracts.

Service Revenue Management Solution

Our Service Revenue Management solution encompasses not just the complete lifecycle of a service contract, but also extends to management of installed base data to ensure fidelity with what is actually installed and used by the customer. Analytical reporting can provide new insights into service revenue opportunities, and address systemic challenges with revenue leakage. The following diagram illustrates the workflow of our Service Revenue Management solution:

Service Revenue Management Solution 

* Refer table below for points 1 through 6

Solution ComponentDescription
Monitor installed base activityMonitor activities against the installed base for changes that will impact service contracts or software licenses.
Confirm installed base changes and update contractsAnalyze and confirm changes to the installed base and apply appropriate changes to service contracts. This includes credits and co-terminus billing.
Create and renew contracts
  • Provide quoting and contract registration
  • Update new service contracts
  • Renew existing service contracts
Maintain software license agreementsMaintain software license agreements related to sale of software, upgrade or expansion of customer usage.
Create pro-forma service invoices for time and material (T&M) workGenerate pro-forma service invoice for approval by service management (based on closed service activity that was not covered under a service contract or original warranty).

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