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Warranty Management Solution

The potential of an end-to-end warranty management solution to lower operational costs and improve customer satisfaction is often undermined. However, we believe that the most strategic opportunities lie in improving your warranty value chain through a holistic approach.

It’s simple. Infosys holistic solution integrates with your ecosystem in a collaborative approach that leverages people, processes, and technology to help realize significant improvements.

Range of Services
Our end-to-end solution includes onsite-offshore models, process automation, and tools to analyze data.

Warranty Management Solution 

Business Outcomes
The benefits your organization can accrue with our holistic warranty management solution include:

  • Cost reduction
    • A global operating model comprising onshore and offshore delivery reduces processing costs for warranty claims
    • Reduction in false claims
    • Improvement in traceability to supplier and effective chargeback
  • Dealer management
    • Improvement in claims processing accuracy and time
    • Predictable warranty claims proces
    • Visibility and transparency in claims processing
  • Customer satisfaction
    • Improvement in product quality by reducing delays in product quality analytics
    • Improvement in product defect reporting
  • Balance sheet improvement

Reduction in excess warranty reserves due to lower warranty costs and improved analytics

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