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  • Realizing Values On Data Hosting Platform For GIS Solutions - An Approach

    It requires a vast investment to integrate the geographical information system (GIS) into any business. However, the investment can easily go in vain if the chosen platform and custom application do not meet the business needs. The current GIS market is moving towards the trend where target business leveraging the benefits ...

  • Navigating to accurate points of interest (POI): benefitting map users and businesses through the 3D approach

    Do you use a map to navigate from point A to point B? What do you use as the source and destination? How many times did you end up landing in a wrong place or to a destination...

  • Accelerating growth in online retail with the ‘digital factory’

    With the world going increasingly digital, retailers are dealing with the challenges of rapid changes in customer habits, technologies, and the economic environment. While ...

  • Disrupting the As-a-Service BPO ecosystem for the new enterprise

    Digital ecosystem offers tremendous opportunities for enterprises to get closer to customers by leveraging seamless integration between business and technology. Long-term survival of enterprises depend on their ability to lead ...

  • The future is predictive advertising - The future lies in advertising based on customer preference

    Today, customer services and the digital medium are interconnected. The customer is smarter and informed, less patient and more demanding. There is an increased ...

  • Connecting the BPO dots: Scope and shape of the digital BPO

    Traditional BPO services such as F&A, customer service, S&P, and HRO were some of the dots that made up the BPO picture. However, the ‘digital’ wave is now becoming an increasingly important dot to connect to ...

  • From fragile to agile: The next evolution in marketing and advertising

    Business dynamics has changed for advertisers and media agencies as it has for other industries with the expansion of digital ...


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