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The impact of technology trends on procurement

In this two-part podcast, Gavin Solsky, CEO, Portland Group – an Infosys company – puts the spotlight on emerging technology trends and how they impact procurement. Among the trends discussed are: mobile, Internet commerce, collaboration and big data.

Part 1 focuses on mobile and Internet commerce, and Part 2 on collaboration and big data.

Listen to Part 1


Listen to Part 2

Our expert
Gavin Solsky, CEO, Portland Group – an Infosys compan

strong>Gavin Solsky,CEO, Portland Group – an Infosys company

Gavin is the founder and CEO of Portland Group. Previously, he worked for a leader in global management consulting in Australia and U.S. He has successfully led the implementation of strategic supply chain and procurement improvement programs for clients across industries. Gavin holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) / law degree from the University of New South Wales.

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