Sourcing and Procurement Outsourcing

Case Studies

Enabling savings upward of $1.35M AUD with Infosys BPM’s ‘Extended Team’

Honoring a contract is a critical facet for any organization which works with external service providers and suppliers. But at times, when the suppliers realize that the organization has become ...


Tactical sourcing opportunity identifier tool delivers benefits worth $1.7 million leveraging advanced analytics and automation

When an organization gets data from disparate sources across the globe with multiple formats in multiple languages, it gets difficult to deal with it. Without having any ...


Standardizing master data processes for a global industrial giant through specialized solutions

Infosys pioneered the adoption of industrialized solutions and created a digital platform with the help of a specialized approach led by master data management (MDM) domain experts. This platform ...


Analytics-driven smart sourcing and procurement of grinding media for a Semi-Autogenous Grinding (SAG) mill

A global mining corporation with mining operations spread across the Americas had embarked on a mission 2020 that aimed to lower operational costs, and increase production and ...


Getting it right: The art and science of buying

Upfront, office supplies seem like a fairly simple spend category to handle. Yet it is something that every business purchases and some, like our client – one of the largest pharmaceutical ...


Infosys transforms sourcing for a leading Japanese conglomerate

In the manufacturing sector especially, external partners or service providers have had limited influence so far due to change management issues and hence, operations remain largely internal - ...


Making procurement reporting an easy pill to swallow

How the Infosys proprietary automation platform Nia transformed static procurement performance reporting into a dynamic decision support and risk mitigation platform for a global ...


Robotics help mining company set standards in procurement accuracy and efficiency

A major mining company shifted a large portion of their human-intensive procurement processes onto the Infosys Robotics platform. This case study traces the approach ...


Going Lean, Going for the Gold

A leading gold mining company embarked on a journey to transform its Source-to-Pay operations through carefully considered partnerships. Their target was to reduce costs, drive productivity improvements,...


The Spend Elixir

When you are one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with an annual spend of GBP13 billion, what and how you buy makes the difference between tied up cash and available...


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