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Infosys BPM offerings for consumer lending

The global consumer lending market is more complex than ever in a post-regulatory world. Financial institutions are faced with tighter regulatory norms, volatile market conditions and growing outstanding portfolios. Keeping pace with these challenges will require banks to make their operations more watertight than ever – with the right efficient business processes and technology-enabled operations. Infosys BPM can help you achieve these imperatives by delivering highly stable and scalable operations in a demanding environment.

Challenges and opportunities

  • Do more with data: Volatile market conditions, high credit losses, and sovereign debt crises will continue to impact consumer lending. To aid growth, banks have created innovative products — ‘show your credit card’ personal loans, apply for a consumer loan via text or web, door-to-door-lending etc. Data from these channels and existing systems must be leveraged with analytics, segmentation, and reporting that support both demand generation strategies and risk management goals.
  • Deliver stellar consumer experience: Banks need to improve customer retention and relationship pricing strategies for existing consumers who are deleveraging their personal balance sheets or facing credit problems.
  • Increase IT initiatives that support strategic cost takeout and revenue generation: These initiatives include online self-service loan origination, servicing, and collections; business process outsourcing and platform-based lending. With customized IT and BPM solutions, we enable you to realize these initiatives.

Our offerings

Infosys BPM offerings for consumer lending

The Infosys BPM advantage

We are committed to being a partner that fosters long-term, profitable growth. Our outsourcing solutions have helped our clients transform business processes and react swiftly to changing market needs. Our diversified service offerings cover key product segments within the consumer lending origination and servicing value chain.

The advantages of working with Infosys BPM include:

  • Standardization of processes across locations
  • Productivity gains and benefits
  • Reduced average handling time
  • Quality improvements
  • Operational flexibility
  • Close SLA management

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