Indian Domestic BPM


For a leading hospital chain – Savings of 20% through various projects – unit price reduction, centralization of inventory and master data, technology intervention – e-sourcing and e-auction

For a large telecom service provider – Implemented a finance shared service center, setup a compliance and governance procedure, delivered several automation projects in the first 6 months, identified revenue leakage of USD3 million and saved USD2 million through a fraud control framework and revenue assurance policies

For a leading flexible packaging films manufacturer – Savings of USD1.3 million through sourcing projects


Although one with immense potential, the Indian market is presently going through a challenging phase. The difficulties lie in the fragmented, dispersed and inconsistent processes and lack of quality data and information. Some of the major bottlenecks for growth are a desirability for maintaining sub-par assets, fear of losing control, and sub-optimal investment in technology.

Keeping pace with the current market dynamics, we, at Infosys, are investing in future innovation and transformation – from design thinking, robotics process automation, analytics, to artificial intelligence, to name a few. Our tools and platforms leverage these emerging trends to help shape our client’s long-drawn vision of expansion and achieve greater business outcomes, without any significant investment. Through this, our clients are improving their profitability and attaining a visible cost reduction in their various ongoing programs.


Two major challenges for businesses operating in the Indian market are business operations cost optimization and a lack of technology intervention. We consider these as opportunities and are making considerable effort to help our clients win over these through:

Business operations cost optimization: Leverage our shared service center (SSC) expertise with our team of transformation consultants, who can help you bring your business operations cost down by right sizing and harmonizing your organization. We have proven capability, having successfully executed over 100 SSC setups, both internal and external to the organization and both within and outside the country.

Lack of technology intervention: For long, Indian companies have been running in an ‘as-is’ state and over a period of time, their assets have grown sub-par. We offer new-age technology tools and platforms (built both in-house and through alliances), enhanced further by analytics and artificial intelligence, which help improve the feasibility and relevance of business transactions and subsequently, the decisions. We have invested in a USD500 million Innovation Fund to cater to such client requirements.


We cater to several industries – from manufacturing, telecom, energy, healthcare, retail and the government. And we successfully deliver value largely due to our delivery model, which was developed specifically to cater to the requirements of the Indian market. Our model redefines cost parameters across people, technology, infrastructure and innovations with unique solutions designed to cater to the Indian market, ranging from various pricing models to game-changing delivery partnerships with strategic partners.


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