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Walking a regulatory tightrope

Inundated with the ever-increasing customer information, compliance demands, many banks and financial institutions have begun subscribing to Know Your Customer (KYC) utilities. This paper examines the KYC ...


KYC remediation: The proactive response to compliance challenges

The Know Your Customer (KYC) process in the areas of risk management, and regulatory and tax compliance have become more challenging over the years, thanks to the global financial ...


Buy-side offshoring – has it finally arrived?

Outsourcing, in the asset management industry, has so far been limited to contracting out non-core activities to custodians, fund accountants, and trusts (also known as asset servicers). This paper discusses the value proposition of outsourcing / offshoring ...


How to Manage Risk in Capital Markets in an Outsourced Environment

Capital markets firms are outsourcing functions and processes to realize the benefits of cost arbitrage and specialization. However, service providers need to mitigate operational risk to gain customer confidence. Infosys' experts present a risk control framework...


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