Global Payments Services

Global Payments Services


The Infosys BPM Global Payment Services offering delivers solutions to clients in the payments value chain. It covers card networks, card processors, merchant acquirers, payments service providers, clearing & settlement schemes, digital payment networks, and remittance players.

Our offering enables clients to embrace global imperatives such as agile and modular processing platforms, as well as focuses on real-time payments, revamped cross-border payments, efficient merchant onboarding, customer loyalty, open banking APIs, and billing transformation.


Why us?

Our BPM Global Delivery Model supports 24 x 7 operations to clients across geographies, leveraging 2,000+ functional consultants with expertise in enterprise payments, card management, mobile payments, digital transformation, and loyalty, and billing solutions. Our deep domain knowledge with expertise in digital transformation helps clients in:

  • Achieving cost reduction objectives by ~40–60% through right sourcing, process excellence initiatives, and transformation (RPA, AI, and ML)
  • Improving process efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Enhancing visibility into operations and metrics using analytics
  • Amplifying value through AI, automation, and strategic partnerships with leading consulting platforms and data providers
  • Delivering a significantly superior customer experience

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