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Infosys BPM Financial Services practice

Margin pressures and regulatory changes are forcing financial services enterprises to reassess their business models, operations and technologies. To retain a competitive edge, what enterprises need is a committed and collaborate BPM partner. One that can provide cost-effective services by creating a flexible operating model by combining comprehensive, integrated offerings and technology platform solutions. Infosys BPM does just that, helping you transform operating models, improve business performance, and standardize processes with reduced costs.

Challenges and opportunities

We help enterprises position themselves for growth by addressing their needs in three areas:

  • Improving customer experience and creating customer value through continuous service innovation
  • Redefining cost structures by decreasing the cost of operations and IT
  • Complying with stringent regulations in governance and risk management

How we deliver value

The Infosys BPM financial services practice has clients across investment banking operations, wealth management, custody operations, broker–dealer operations, and share registration services. We also provide a comprehensive range of functional services in finance and accounting, human resources, sourcing and procurement, legal processing, research and analytics.

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Infosys BPM Financial Services practice

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