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Mitigating legal risks with knowledge services

Infosys BPM safeguards the interests of global companies by undertaking contract management and offering knowledge process outsourcing services to enhance legal processes.


Why a collections organization should go up the analytics curve

Financial services companies must harness data analytics for an effective collections strategy. Shrikanth Jagannanthan, Manager, Analytics Practice, and Yogesh Chati, Senior Associate, Infosys BPM Knowledge Services, propose...

Published with permission of FAO Today magazine


'Order management needs a holistic approach for compelling value'

Rajiv Raghunandan, Practice Head – Sales and Fulfillment, Infosys BPM, discusses how the company’s Sales and Fulfillment practice enhances efficiency and increases revenue with an integrated approach to processes across the supply chain.

Published with permission of Shared Services & Outsourcing Network


Combine processes with a platform for effective contract management

Global companies must establish procedures to streamline contract management by strategic partners. Systematic procedures enable a consolidated view of risk exposure and obligations across contract types, regions and services. Our expert...

Published with permission of India Business Law Journal


A firewall approach to safeguard intellectual property

A robust intellectual property (IP) management system can help companies protect their IP and accelerate innovation.

Published with permission of Global Services Media


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