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Revenue Assurance Solution Rings in More Business

Orange Business Services addressed the challenge of disparate systems for ordering, provisioning and billing by implementing Infosys BPM's Revenue Assurance solution. Orange Business Services provides its global clients with data network operations and services, including global IP services of LAN-to-LAN interconnections, WAN connectivity, dedicated Internet access, data transport and virtual private networks.

The company's disparate systems for ordering, provisioning and billing resulted in inconsistencies between legacy, local systems and core tools, invalid circuit information in core databases and revenue leakage.

Infosys BPM implemented an enterprise-wide Revenue Assurance solution to validate and cleanse data in all systems, and set up tools and automation procedures to expedite processes. In addition, we enhanced business rules to increase the accuracy of information.

Our solution ensured that core databases provided accurate information, leading to efficient fault management, better circuit management and accurate billing. The solution improved inventory accuracy by 25% and resulted in cost savings of US$ 100 million in data cleansing and US$ 22.38 million in Access Competitiveness Activities.

Infosys BPM provides Communications Service Providers with comprehensive revenue assurance support services spanning Data Integrity Management to Profit & Loss Analysis for existing connections.

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