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'Infosys BPO enables effective decision making with customer insights'

Outsourcing increases business agility, customer satisfaction and revenue, while reducing the cost of goods sold. In a podcast, Peter Bendor-Samuel, the founder and CEO of Everest Group, a leading advisory firm, discusses the investments made by Infosys BPO in IT, domain expertise and analytics to help customers realize sustainable business value.

In the context of a Forbes-Infosys survey finding that Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) value is beyond bottom-line savings, Peter expects service providers to deliver compelling value with focused solutions.


Podcast Transcript

Peter Bendor-Samuel Peter Bendor-Samuel
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Everest Group

Are you a business executive looking beyond cost arbitrage? Are you looking for ways to grow your organization's top-line?

A recent survey conducted by Forbes and Infosys reveals that executives at multinational companies are increasingly turning to business process outsourcing for more than bottom-line savings. This is because outsourcing has proven an effective strategy for achieving outcomes beyond SG&A savings. Outsourcing not only helps in reducing cost of goods sold and enhancing revenue but also enhances business agility and improves customer satisfaction.

What is enabling this transformation is that organizations such as Infosys have invested significantly in better understanding their clients and building industry domain expertise which is allowing them to aggregate industry best practices. This, in turn, allows them to develop better standards and harmonize best practice frameworks that significantly affect their effectiveness and savings. These are further supported by significant investments in technologies which allow them to extend their value proposition beyond the traditional Six Sigma heritage.

Finally, they have added investments in analytical tools and models which allow them to develop peak and significant insights into their customer's customers, enabling them to allow their clients to conduct more efficient decision making.

Another insight from the survey was that the clients see higher value coming from providers like Infosys who bundle consulting, technology and operations. This is because large transformational initiatives which are undertaken to achieve these goals require pulling all these components together into a seamless and effective process.

In the Infosys survey, 37% of clients echoed that BPO helps them globalize and access new markets and emerging economies. As providers enhance their value proposition by providing onshore and offshore models focusing on country-specific nuances spanning cultural and regulatory differentiation across geographies, they further increase their effectiveness.

BPO has now become an integral part of Global 2000 strategy. This is illustrated by the fact that 30% of the 200 executives surveyed said that their BPO providers exceeded expectations and they gave nine reasons why the performance was so great.

Find out how strategic BPO services from Infosys can help your organization grow its business - even while driving bottom-line savings.

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