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Outsourcing and Innovation: Two Sides of a Coin

Horses for Sources

Infosys BPO blends emerging technologies with thought leadership to create value for global customers. In an interview with analyst Phil Fersht, Infosys BPO Chief Operating Officer Ritesh Idnani discusses what differentiates Infosys BPO from its peers.

In a series of interviews on the Horses for Sources blog, Ritesh analyzes Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) trends, business imperatives, and evolving business models for increased agility. He also shares thoughts on social collaboration and career development.

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'We converge operations and technology for a variable cost structure'

The value from platform-based outsourcing services transcends cost arbitrage and process improvement.


'The global delivery race was won on our terms'

Infosys BPO's nimble, industry-oriented structure addresses end-to-end processes.


'Open dialogue is the best way of knowledge sharing'

Infosys BPO's outsourcing community portal provides insight and a better understanding of clients' needs.


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